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At WEXJET Aviation we support and execute best practices aimed at applying the maximum effort to meet and often exceed our customers expectations, being a suitable solution for each crew and their flight needs. 


We have a selective global network of partners so we can offer broad coverage of services that bring the same philosophy of safety, quality and credibility.


Ground Handling

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Our ground handling services are provided and established by the high rigor of international standards with exacting IATA and ICAO compliance which are carefully managed and guaranteed by our team with over 20 years of experience in industry and our complete network of partners across the globe.


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Our care agents team  are always monitoring every aspect of a flight, ensuring a positive experience to the traveler, from connecting assistance, scheduling re-booking arrangements, VIP assistance. Whether is a Departure, an Arrival or a Transfer, the WEXPERIENCE by WEXJET  provides an impeccable service that leads to a lifetime trusting your travelling with us. 

Aviation Fuel

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We keep up with the challenges related to the variation of the fuel market and for this reason we have constant price monitoring as we have fuel supply contracts that allow us a competitive offer throughout our network as we have credit terms fuel that establish us as a leading company.

Inflight Catering


The constant pursuit of excellence has motivated us to do more and better with each experience we have with the most varied customer profile and requirements and when it comes to food we spare no effort in build our own catering units with the highest rigor. quality and food safety. Our brand WEXCELLENCE  has established itself in the high global quality ranking.

Flight Planning

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Our global flight planning and management services are aimed at those who seek the constant and immediate support of a professionals team who specialize in planning, monitoring and resolving any issue regarding the various stages of a flight.

Trust us with your needs and just worry about flying

Crew Support 24/7


If you are a crew member whether you are a pilot or a flight attendant and being off of your main base is always a challenge, count on our 24/7 assistance to make the numerous details of your trip easier to handle.

Never be alone as supporting crews in details is what move us to always make you further and easier in order to reach a better trip experience.

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