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We keep up with the challenges related to the variation of the fuel market and for this reason we have constant price monitoring as we have fuel supply contracts that allow us a competitive offer throughout our network as we have credit terms fuel that establish us as a leading company.

Our fuel supply and co-ordination services make a difference as we have the widest network of local and international suppliers and so we always have the best offer available regardless of your brand preference or even your supply contract.


We will always be offering you the best and most competitive price for the location and day of your operation without additional fees staining your invoice as we are always up to date with the local tax policy that determines what you really should pay for taxes.

Whether on a commercial, military, charter or private flight, WEXJET will have a 24/7 team available to support you in just one contact and will soon let you know the best price for the airport where you will operate.


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