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If you are aircraft operator , crew member and being off of your main base is always a challenge so you count on us in order to help you in the numerous details of your trip and make it easier to handle.

We also know that a simple stay between flights is not just limited to airports and that sometimes unforeseen occur to make your time more difficult to manage and surely  you will see the difference of having a WEXJET Crew Care Agent by your side fully available at any time of the day for as long as necessary and place required.

Never be alone as supporting crews in their trip details is what move us to always make you further and easier in order to reach a better trip experience.

Our Crew Care Agents will support you in :

  • HOTAC Arrangements with wide hotel price agreements 

  • Car Rental with time saving

  • Medical and pharmacy follow-up

  • Transfer services 24/7 for everywhere at any time 

  • Travel insurance

  • Hotel or preferred Restaurant catering pick-up and delivery in the aircraft

  • Backup mobile phone for your stay 

  • Police and local authorities follow-up

  • Money Exchange upon arrival and departure 


For an WEXJET CREW CARE AGENT assistance,  you are only one click away filling the web form below  or in a sample call to +351 218701025 and in minutes you will face our team close and happy to support you.


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